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All Ultra Cushion Orthotic Insoles are available in 2 heel thicknesses (7mm and 11mm).



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The Standard 11mm thickness is recommended for all foot and related conditions including plantar fasciitis (policeman’s heel), heel spurs, heel pain/problems, arch area pain, flat feet/fallen arches, pronation, or for those who just want extra cushioning for comfort and to prevent future problems. The extra cushion support is excellent for absorbing your body weight and filtering pressure away from your ‘sore areas’.

The Slim Fit 7mm is recommended as an alternative for people who have concerns about having room in their shoes, or for people who wear naturally tight shoes (e.g. high heels). They may also be used by people who have ball-of-foot problems as the thickness of the insoles is the same at the ball area as the 11mm thick insole.

Custom support can be added to either fit as required using supplied supplementary support strips. Most users will not need these as the insoles provide excellent support anyway. You should NOT add any extra support until the insoles have fully moulded.

The insoles come in four different sizes. If you are between sizes we advise to go up a size as they are designed to be trimmed to fit.