Barbara Hamilton – QLD

I purchased the ultra cushion orthotics a few years ago on a visit to Eumundi. After suffering aching Achilles and tender under foot pain from high arches – these have made a truly amazing difference. My feet went from constant aching to constant comfort and I now swap them over to nearly every shoe I wear. Plus they last and last and last. These aren’t just insoles, they somehow create incredible comfort and seem to offer a supreme cushioning effect – I can now walk all day in shoes that would have been causing aches and pains within a very short time.

Narelle Allen – QLD

I purchased my first pair of inserts last Sunday and have worn them for 5 days at work. I have a heel spur and as a nurse this leaves me in so much pain by the end of the day. Since placing the Ultra Cushion Orthotics in my work shoes, I have not had any pain at the end of my work days.
As I also want to be able to start up bush walking again and this has been difficult because of the heel. Well I went back today and got the thick insert and that is the one for my runners. Cannot wait to try them out.
I have and will continue to recommend this product to everyone. Trust me, I have tried a lot of inserts and so far, these are the best.

Brian – QLD

…..your product is a God-send. I purchased them a while back and wanted to buy further pairs and have been trying to track you down for a very long time. I persisted and have finally found you again.

Jayne Hardwick – QLD

They (Ultra Cushion Insoles) are fantastic, and have helped me to keep on at my job as a nurse after spending over a $1,000 on orthotics and special shoes. I can now wear some/most of my other shoes again. Thanks a million.

Mandy – WA

I puchased your insoles some weeks back ….
Two went to my husband who spends all day on concrete floors working under cars and one to myself. Hubby, one of the biggest sceptics on a lot of things, pulled a face when I asked him to try your product.
Well I’m pleased to say that just after 2 weeks of using them, he has had remarkable relief and is now telling everyone who wants to listen. I have also tried them and have had the same success.
Thank you again for your wonderful product, we’ll be placing another order soon for my parents and a couple of friends.

Pam Howard – QLD

…looking forward to receiving them (insoles) as they have done wonders for my feet. I’ve been working up to 11-12 hr. a day in a packing shed and have had no pain in my feet, they feel great.

David Hyland – NSW

I purchased a set of Ultra Cushion Insoles just over 12 months ago…I spend all my days up on roofs as I am a TV antenna installer & I have found the insoles very beneficial. My legs used to ache a lot at the end of a hard day’s work but now I come home and feel fine – no more sore legs. The Ultra Cushion Insoles work wonders.

Garth Wong – QLD

We are extremely pleased with the relief from pain in the feet as the result of using your product…Thanks so much for developing such an inexpensive and alternative insole to the normal….outrageously expensive alternative.

Lynn Auld – QLD

I must say I think the whole family wants to get their hands, or should I say feet, on this product as the relief they have given my mother is nothing short of amazing…. We will be shouting from the tree tops.

Safety Officer – QLD

My wife (who has heel spurs) put her insoles into service immediately and after only a few hours could notice a big difference…

Noeline – VIC

I developed a heel spur probably from wearing high heels. On some days I found it difficult to walk, even to get out of bed and put my feet on the floor was a task. I sent for your soles and have now used them for approx. 2 yrs and I am glad to report that I no longer have the pain of a heel spur. I am so impressed with your product – I tell everyone I can. Thank you for your invention. I think you save my sanity.