Ultra Cushion Orthoticinsoles are the only self-moulding orthotic insoles manufactured in Australia. Ultra Cushion Orthotic insoles have been designed to help cure and prevent conditions like Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, Fallen Arches, Ball of the foot pain, diabetic foot and Pronation.

The secret is that Ultra Cushion Orthoitics mould to the contours of your own feet giving you an overall cushioned support which no other insole or footwear can give you unless custom made.

Ultra Cushion Orthotic insoles level out the weight bearing areas of the foot which helps prevent and/or alleviate painful, problem areas.

Pads are included to support the arch or to place a metatarsal pad etc if required to further relieve persisting foot problems.

Ultra Cushion Orthotic Insoles for over 15 years have been helping sportspeople, trades people, miners, chefs, nurses, elderly, manufacturing/ engineering workers, dancers etc.

Ultra Cushion insoles are very durable. Many years of use are regularly obtained from satisfied customers. Due to their closed cell construction they can be placed in very hotwater for approximately 60sec to refresh them.


We came about as a result of having severe problems with my feet to the point that I just couldn’t engage in any form of exercise, or even walk comfortably.

I had been a printer for 15 years standing on concrete floors, plus I played a lot of tennis. This, combined with flat feet and spurs resulted in extremely sore feet.

I visited doctors, podiatrists, physiotherapists, even tried acupuncture but with no success in alleviating my problem.

I shopped around for suitable insoles but found them to be either:

  • Too thin/soft with the foot still impacting hardest on the high points
  • Bottomed out under pressure
  • Weren’t supporting enough
  • Didn’t fit the shape of MY feet
  • Weren’t comfortable
  • Too expensive
  • Not durable
  • Didn’t provide sufficient cushion

I finally decided that I would need to manufacture an insole that would help relieve my sore feet and after a few years experimentation I came up with a product that fulfilled all my requirements – AND MORE!!!

Not only did the insoles provide extra cushion, were very shock absorbing, resilient and inexpensive but had the added benefit of ‘MOULDING’ to the contours of my own feet relieving painful pressure areas.

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